At UpgradeStay, we love the aviation industry and the upbeat, adventurous professionals who run it.  Our mission is to serve those professionals by building a travel service that helps commuting pilots and flight attendants find a restful place to sleep at an affordable price.  


Justin Wieland

Educated at the Air Force Academy and Harvard Business School, Justin is a former Air Force F-15 Pilot and lifelong entrepreneur who likes building new things.   Just is particularly excited to be building a business helping pilots and flight attendants around the country.

Chloe Zahara

As a current flight attendant that commutes and a previous crashpad owner, Chloe knows and sympathizes with the trials and tribulations of the life of a commuter. The oh so glamorous lifestyle of our fun and free layovers can fade when crashing in a bunk bed or a not so safe hotel while having to pay to get to work. 

Springboard Recipient


1st Place Winner!

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1st Place Winner!

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